A bonus disc with cover songs, demos and outtakes will be available with any order through this website.  The bonus disc should be ready by the beginning of February - any orders prior to that will get a download version of the disc.  Only one bonus disc per order - thank you!


1. Cul-de-Sac (Duke Medley)
Words and music by Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford

Keyboards, guitars, bass, vocals: Tim Morse
Electric guitar: Jerry Jennings
Drums: Bruce Spencer

2. Dusk Dream (aka "Tim's Tune")
Music by Tim Morse and Jerry Jennings
Keyboards: Tim Morse
Guitar: Jerry Jennings, Moss Hudson
Bass: Nick Eble
Drums: Gordon Stizzo

3.  Opening (aka "Open")
Music by Jon Anderson, arranged by Tim Morse and Jon Anderson
Keyboards, guitars: Tim Morse

4. Epilogue 
Music by Tim Morse and Bret Bingham
Keyboards, 12 string guitar: Tim Morse
Guitars: Bret Bingham
Bass: Sean McMillin
Drums: Andrew Glasmacher

5. Broken Soul
Music and words by Bret Bingham
Guitars, bass, vocal: Bret Bingham
Keyboards: Tim Morse

6. Inertia
Music by Tim Morse
Keyboards: Tim Morse

7. The Next Mile
Music by Jerry Jennings
Guitars: Jerry Jennings, Moss Hudson
Keyboards: Tim Morse
Bass: Sean McMillin
Drums: Gordon Stizzo

8. One and a Half Wives
Music by Rick Wakeman
Keyboards, guitar: Tim Morse
Bass: Jay Leek
Drums: Jim Hefter

9. Reason to Be
Music and words by Kerry Livgren

Keyboards, guitars, bass, percussion: Tim Morse
Vocals: Hope Rogers
Violin: Kurt Baumer

10. To Set Sail (demo)
Music by Tim Morse
Keyboards: Tim Morse

11. Labyrinth (demo)
Music by Tim Morse
Keyboards, bass: Tim Morse
Guitar: Mark Dean
Drums: Jim Hefter, Andrew Glasmacher

12. Goodbye (Karaoke Version)
Music by Chris Holzer, Mark Dean and Tim Morse
Keyboards: Tim Morse
Guitars, bass, drums: Mark Dean

13. Piano Improvisation
Music by Tim Morse
Piano: Tim Morse

14. The Path
Words and music by Tim Morse and 
Keyboards, guitars, bass, vocals: Tim Morse
Lead guitar: Kurt Shiftlet
Drums: Dave Haddad