A bonus disc with cover songs, demos and outtakes is available with any order through this website (one bonus disc per order, thank you).  


1. Cul-de-Sac (Duke Medley)
Words and music by Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford

Keyboards, guitars, bass, vocals: Tim Morse
Electric guitar: Jerry Jennings
Drums: Bruce Spencer

(A tribute to my love of the music of Genesis - I decided to record the under appreciated song Cul-de-Sac.  I had so much fun with it that I decided to incorporate a good portion of Duke's Travels/Duke's End as well).

2. Dusk Dream (aka "Tim's Tune")
Music by Tim Morse and Jerry Jennings
Keyboards: Tim Morse
Guitar: Jerry Jennings, Moss Hudson
Bass: Nick Eble
Drums: Gordon Stizzo

(A song I wrote with Jerry Jennings and performed in his band many times.  It reminds me of a Steely Dan song without the vocals - can you hear Fagen singing over it?).

3.  Opening (aka "Open")
Music by Jon Anderson, arranged by Tim Morse and Jon Anderson
Keyboards, guitars: Tim Morse

(For a few months I was an internet collaborator with Jon Anderson of Yes.  The main piece we worked on was 'Open,' which was known as Opening at that time.  It was a fascinating experience to work with a musical hero of mine).

4. Epilogue 
Music by Tim Morse and Bret Bingham (from The Mangoes CD)
Keyboards, 12 string guitar: Tim Morse
Guitars: Bret Bingham
Bass: Sean McMillin
Drums: Andrew Glasmacher

(Two songs from the Mangoes CD that I thought would be nice to add to this collection).
5. Broken Soul
Music and words by Bret Bingham (from The Mangoes CD)
Guitars, bass, vocal: Bret Bingham
Keyboards: Tim Morse
Drums: Guy Kowarsh

6. Inertia
Music by Tim Morse
Keyboards: Tim Morse

(This song was a contender to be on III, but the time limitations of vinyl kept it off the album.  I would probably have put it on side two after My Ally - go ahead and try it!).

7. The Next Mile
Music by Jerry Jennings
Guitars: Jerry Jennings, Moss Hudson
Keyboards: Tim Morse
Bass: Sean McMillin
Drums: Gordon Stizzo

(A live recording of the JJB - a fun band to play in!).

8. One and a Half Wives
Music by Rick Wakeman
Keyboards, guitar: Tim Morse
Bass: Jay Leek
Drums: Jim Hefter

(A medley of some of my favorite Wakeman bits.  Rick was a huge influence on me becoming a pianist and buying my first Mini-Moog).

9. Reason to Be
Music and words by Kerry Livgren

Keyboards, guitars, bass, percussion: Tim Morse
Vocals: Hope Rogers
Violin: Kurt Baumer

(A song that deeply resonates with me for many reasons.  I'm a very big fan of Kerry Livgren).
10. To Set Sail (demo)
Music by Tim Morse
Keyboards: Tim Morse

(This demo was on the tape that got me signed with Mark Dean).
11. Labyrinth (demo)
Music by Tim Morse
Keyboards, bass: Tim Morse
Guitar: Mark Dean
Drums: Jim Hefter, Andrew Glasmacher

(An example of trying different things.  Jim Hefter accented the odd time signatures in this demo).

12. Goodbye (Karaoke Version)
Music by Chris Holzer, Mark Dean and Tim Morse
Keyboards: Tim Morse
Guitars, bass, drums: Mark Dean

(From my first album.  It's nice to hear a version of this song without vocals so you can listen to all of the instruments (especially Mark Dean's guitar parts).

13. Piano Improvisation
Music by Tim Morse
Piano: Tim Morse

(Recorded many years ago when I had access to the piano and some extra studio time.  Representative of my playing in that era).

14. The Path
Words and music by Tim Morse and B. Warner
Keyboards, guitars, bass, vocals: Tim Morse
Lead guitar: Kurt Shiftlet
Drums: Dave Haddad

(The 'long' version of this song for anyone who bought the vinyl of III).