ReViews FOR III:

 "Tim Morse III is an engaging, appealing album that seamlessly bridges melodic rock and progressive influences...the album offers dramatic and complex arrangements, but focused firmly on serving the emotional trajectory of the songs."
Anil Prasad, Innerviews

"III is a music rock fans who enjoy catchy pop melodies and complex, uptempo arrangements will find much to like about Tim Morse III."
Robert Silverstein,

"A seamless melding of classic prog and melodic pop that's full of intriguing moments and engaging flourishes, and well worth checking out."
Jason Warburg, Daily Vault

"Hope that in the future we will not have to wait as long to listen to the successor of this latest opus, which already sets the bar very high for future records."
Music Waves (France)

"Great keyboard work, amazing vocals and guitar performances on such tracks as Wake Up, The Marquis, My Ally and much more.  I was impressed with how well this album was written, recorded, performed and produced."
Oasis entertainment blog

"Excellent new music!"
Tom Gagliardi, Aural Moon Radio

"A satisfying and powerful release that fits well within his catalog."
Gary Hill, Music Street Journal

 "The singer/songwriter side of prog, (Morse) proves it doesn't have to be
mystical bombast to get the point across."

"It's one of his finest...Morse has embodied this music with an old school 
progressive rock vibe that just doesn't exist in today's Prog genre."
Anne Carlini

"The Mary Celeste, with divine violin, is a perfectly balanced and mature work."
Vianocturna - Blogspot